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6 Best Pet Birds With Tips & Pros And Cons

6 Best Pet Birds With Tips & Pros And Cons. So your family wants a new pet and it’s not exactly a dog or a cat but a cute feathered friend. A bird will be perfect. So here are the best birds to pet. A bird may seem like a petite, cute, and easy animal to pet but there is still a ton of research that goes into bringing a new bird home. Every breed is different in looks and habits and has different requirements. As with other pets, it’s important to find a bird that suits your lifestyle.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself before having a bird as a pet are, how much time can you give to the pet? What kind of environment best suits the bird? What kind of food does it eat? Here are some suggestions for you guys who love these little feathery creatures in their home.


love birds


You can say that lovebirds are parrots in the smaller and low-maintenance package. It is a common misconception that lovebirds can only be kept in pairs but a single lovebird would also do fine if provided with proper care and attention. Provide them with roomy space and toys. Also, give them a few hours of your day. They are about 5 to 7 inches long and weigh around 2 ounces.




The second option in this list of the best pet birds is the budgerigar. These birds are popular all around the world. When properly tamed they are friendly and affectionate. Also, they are small and cute, as well as fairly low-maintenance. Budgies respond well to training and can learn cute and funny bird tricks in a short time. They are 6 to 8 inches in length and weigh around 1 ounce.




If you prefer a large bird that is friendly and affectionate, a cockatoo can be perfect for you. These birds form a very strong bond with the caretakers and prefer to be with them as much as possible. So for these birds, it is important to give more attention to the bird and socialize with them. They can become depressed if they feel neglected or are not paid enough attention which might lead them to feather plucking and other destructive behavior. They are 18 inches long and weigh around 16 to 26 ounces.



These birds hail from Australia and are extremely friendly and affectionate. They make an excellent pet when kept in a positive environment. They respond well when hand-fed like babies. Although they don’t normally learn to talk they are highly intelligent and mimic many different sounds such as the sound of doorbells, telephones, and microwaves. They are 12 to 13 inches long and weigh around 3 ounces.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw


They are also known as gentle giants as they are the largest of all parrots. Hyacinth Macaw is highly friendly and sociable and loves playing and cuddling with their owners. These big birds can be a little high maintenance as it can be difficult to provide proper housing for these pets due to their large size. They are 40 inches long and weigh around 42 to 51 ounces.




The sixth and last option in this list of the best pet birds is the dove. Doves are not usually thought of as pet birds but domesticated and handfed birds are extremely friendly and sweet pets. Doves rarely bite and people with even a little experience would find it easy to train and feed doves. They enjoy the caretaker’s company but are not too demanding of attention. And they are 11 to 13 inches long and weigh around 5 to 8 ounces. 



Tips To Keep Pet Birds :

Birds are highly nuanced and intelligent creatures that make them popular and wonderful companions, but their complexities can make them a little tough to care for. If proper diet, exercise, and mental stimulation are not given it can lead to serious maladies.

However, by following these tips you can be sure that they are taken care of.

  • Provide them with a roomy cage to give them plenty of space to fly around and play.
  • Provide toys. Birds enjoy different types of toys such as puzzles and chew toys. Try different toys and check what type your bird prefers.
  • Let your bird out often. The time to keep them out depends on the bird to bird but it is necessary to let them out of their cage every day for as much time as it suits your bird.
  • Keep the cage clean. Wipe the cage and utensils once a week with a bar of unscented soap. Disinfect the cage once a month.
  • Keep a continuous interaction with your bird. Talk to your bird, play with him, whistle with him. Let’s cuddle while you watch tv.
  • Provide a balanced diet. A bird mix from the pet store isn’t always enough. You should keep changing between vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Watch out for signs of stress such as plucking and unnecessary shouting. The cause may be a mystery or known such as less interaction with the caretaker, change in routine, noisy neighbors, etc.

Pros And Cons Of Owning Birds:


  • The presence of a bird can make a person feel closer to nature. Birds chirping is a calming and soothing sound that has a calm effect on human nature. It provides a soothing and relaxing environment for people who are exhausted from work.
  • Some birds can imitate sounds. Some bird species are clever enough to copy any sound they want such as the sound of a honk, sound of a  microwave, and even human sounds. You can also train them to speak whatever you want them to speak. In this way, they can entertain you whenever you want.
  • They live for a very long time. Birds have a very long lifespan as compared to other house pets. They are a perfect pet for people who don’t want to suffer from the heartbreak of losing a pet.
  • Birds are very low-maintenance. They don’t require you to walk them or bathe them regularly. They are naturally self-sufficient animals.


  • Birds can be a little noisy for some people. Their chirping may appear as a soothing effect to some but it can be rather noisy to a few,
  • Finding a bird doctor is difficult. Avian veterinarians are less common than cats and dogs vets. So before getting a bird make sure that you have one in your area.
  • Most of the birds in markets are captured illegally. They are usually snatched away from their natural habitat to become a source of income.
  • They demand attention. Many people just keep birds in the corner as decoration, as a result the health of the bird slowly deteriorates because birds demand affection from their owners.

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