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Adopting A Pet. Adopt Don’t Buy

Adopting a pet is the most beautiful thing. Pets are family. We love them and sometimes we get angry at them. But for a moment just close your eyes and think yourself in a shelter. How would you feel to be caged with no one around to call your own? 

Shelter animals feel the same. They are alone and helpless. And the saddest part is that they cannot express their feelings.

Humans are the most sensitive and intelligent species in the world. But some humans are the cruelest. Just think for a second if your family member lost an arm or leg or gets sick. Will you dump them at the side of the road or will you take care of them and get them treated? 

Just like that please consider these innocent souls as a family too.

Why You Should Adopt A Pet?

Surveys and research shows that every year, more than 7 million animals enter the shelter nationwide and approximately more than 2.5 million get euthanized due to their illness or a long time in a shelter.

Therefore by adopting animals, you will be freeing up space from shelters, and the important part is you will be providing an innocent abandoned soul a forever home where it can live happily with family and love. But before you bring a new family member home there are some things to consider.


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Whether its adoption or buying the responsibility will be the same. So before you bring a cute animal just to make your kids happy consider these factors. 

  • If its a cat or a dog it will get bigger and you will have to spend more time and money on them.
  • They are animals they can’t tell the difference between right and wrong so it is kind of full-time duty to keep them away from things that can harm them.
  • They will make a mess in your home therefore everyone should be on board before bringing a new pet home.

Bear With Them


When you first adopt a pet. There will be some pets that will adjust quickly but for some pets adjusting to their new environment will not be easy. So bear with them and give them time. There will come a time when they start owning you and their new home. But until then just stick with them.

Why doesn’t Animals adjust quickly after adoption?

Strays were picked for animal shelters mostly. Maybe they are being abandoned or grow up as a stray it does not matter. What matters are what happens to them during that time? 

Dogs are very sensitive they can feel the energy of humans. I have seen many cases where if dogs are coming near to humans just to get some love what they get instead fear and hate. But why?

I agree some people are not a dog person or they have allergies but you can ignore them you can tell them not to come close without hurting them. 

In some countries, kids bully stray dogs for fun by hitting them with sticks and stones.

Now imagine if some dog bites you out of fear would you trust another dog.

The answer is No you would probably not even give them another chance. 

But dogs and cats will give you another chance but you will have to win their trust this time.

For that, you have to bear with them and befriend them gradually. Once you achieve their trust, you will get an amazing family member.

Adopting A Pet Feeling

Maybe I won’t be able to explain the feeling you get when you save one innocent animal. But just to encourage you to adopt, let me try.

My Own Experience

I will share my own experience with you so that way I can explain more accurately. We have adopted many cats and one dog all my life But one amazing incident happens that I am going to explain.

I am an animal lover, and on top of my list will always be cats. One day as I was walking home, I heard a kitten screaming in pain. I looked for her and there she was a small injured kitten may be two weeks old sitting at the corner of the street trying to hide from everyone.

She was so small that I Picked her up and put her in my jacket pocket because first of all, I have to convince my mother. So I brought her home and kept her in my room. The kitten’s eye was swollen, and it could not open her eye due to injury. 

I talked to my mother, and my mother met her and she fell in love with the kitten. My mother told me to take care of her. At that time from my location, the vet was too far away and the kitten was so small and weak that she can not make that travel. So due to my experience with cats before I washed her wounds with an antiseptic (I would not suggest anyone do that by ownself get a recommendation from the vet first.) I fed her and make her a warm bed. 

And She grows up to be a beautiful cat and all her life she never sleeps anywhere besides my chest. 

That was the most amazing feeling in the world to know that you saved this kitten’s life and now she loves you more than anything in the world.

Getting Everyone On Board


Before adopting any animal. Just talk to your family first make a decision as a family and give that pet a Happy life. 

Why is this Important?

You will ask the same question why is this important?  I am an adult I can take care of that pet myself. Great But from my experience it does not matter if you are an adult. Whether its a cat or dog that pet should get each and everyone’s love from your home.

Because in my experience animals feel energy and vibes if you love them they will know if you intend to hurt them they will run from you. It will not be a suitable environment for a new pet If a single person giving hated vibes to your pet, Your pet will not own your home.

Pets are very sensitive. They can not understand the scenario wherein the house of five people four people love me one hates me so I have to stay away from that one. 

Animals do not think like that for example dogs think every member of the family as a pack. There will be an alpha that a dog will obey. If not provided one the dog will become a pack leader himself but on that topic, we will discuss some other day.

There will be a dog’s friend who the dog thinks like his playmate. The dog will play with that member as his best buddy. Now if there is some member who gives your dog bad vibes and dislikes your dog. Your dog will think why he doesn’t play with me, why he doesn’t pet me and maybe there comes a time when your dogs start barking on that person.

Because a dog can sense bad vibes and they will return the same vibe, it’s in their system. 

And the same goes for cats too. So please get everyone on board before making a decision.



Before summing-up this topic I would like to encourage you people that learn from amazing stories around you and change lives. Don’t empty pet shops. But try to empty the shelters. When an animal got abandons, they are not to blame the blame goes to the person who mistreated them and then gets an easy way out.

Help the noble people of shelters because they are helping these animals by giving them food, water, and most importantly another chance to love, family, and happy life. They are helping these poor souls to forget their pasts and be a happy pup or kitten again. 

So help them if you are not a pet person then help them by donating to the shelters.

There are some countries where there are no shelters and animals that died on the street due to hunger, thirst, or an accident. 

Take full advantage of these facilities if it’s in your nation and. 



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