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Alaskan Malamutes Care Tips With Alaskan Malamutes Growth Table

Alaskan Malamutes Care Tips With Alaskan Malamutes Growth Table. The Giant fur teddy bear looking dog. Everyone loves their cuteness but most of the owners don’t know how to take care of these furry giants. So this topic is to help out those owners that are getting their first Alaskan malamutes but have no or a little knowledge of

How to take care of Alaskan malamutes?

Do Alaskan malamutes make good pets?

In this post, I will answer all these questions with helpful caring tips. So in short in this article, you will get all you need to know about Alaskan malamutes.


So let’s start.


Alaskan malamutes are considered one of the largest arctic sled dogs. They were used at the end of the sled with Siberian huskies in front of the formation because of their strong physiques and their power. 

They are bigger than Siberian huskies but one can be confused between Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes. Because both these breeds are similar in looks. However, Alaskan malamutes are larger than Siberian huskies.

Alaskan malamutes nowadays are one of the favorites of house pets. They are athletic and fun-loving. But if they don’t get proper care and discipline these breeds can become a problem for their owners.

Therefore before starting the caring tips section let take a look at Alaskan malamutes Growth Table with Height and Weight.


Height (From Front paw to wither)


3 Months 

30cm to 45cm

Female: 26 lbs to 30 lbs.
Male : 29 lbs To 32 lbs

6 Months

40cm to 50cm

Female: 48 lbs to 56 lbs.
Male : 54l bs To 61 lbs

1 Year

50cm to 60 cm

Female:  68.1 to 80 lbss.
Male : 74 lbs to 89 lbs

16 Months (Full Grown)

Female: 56cm to 62cm
Male : 61cm To 67cm

Female:  71 lbs to 84 lbss.
Male : 78 lbs to 95 lbs.

Lifespan: 9 to 12 years.

How To Take Care Of Alaskan Malamutes?

For Basic care of dogs, check out these articles. If you want to watch the video check out this video for basic care of dogs.

But the practices of Alaska malamutes care will be discussed here.


First and the most important tip in caring for the Alaskan malamutes are weather endurance. These breeds are bred to be arctic sled dogs. Therefore they have a large fur coat and they cannot endure the hot weather.

That’s why it is best to keep these dogs in the cold area. But if you reside where there is hot weather then provide a shaded area for your Alaskan malamute and try to keep them indoors under fans or in air conditioners.  Alaskan Malamutes are preferred to be kept in the Air conditioners in hot weather.

To stop them from shedding fur brush them daily or use dog trimmers. I have this trimmer for my saint bernard. And I also prefer you to buy this one because this trimmer doesn’t get stuck in dogs tangled fur.

And also keep cold clean water available 24h. I know many people forget to replace the water daily. But for these dogs it is necessary. Therefore get these water fountains as I have now I don’t have to replace water daily. 

Give your Alaskan malamutes baths after every 3 or 4 days if you are keeping them in hot weather. Check out this dog shower.

Training Is A Must:

These breeds are independent and stubborn sometimes. If they don’t get the proper training they try to take control. And they think they are the leader of your pack. Before starting the training of your dog keep one point in mind that dogs belong to wolves family and they think of their family as their pack. So if you give them a chance they will consider themselves the pack leader. Hence, you must tell them that they are not the alpha pack leader in the family.

They are your subject, you are the alpha pack leader. But it does not mean to get hard on your dog. Train them with compassion and patience. Don’t ever yell at them because the dog’s minds are so full of love that they will not understand why you are yelling. Just be patient and you will get the results you desire.

For more information check out this Website.


Alaskan malamutes when they need to tell their owners something instead of barking they howl. For example, they howl when they get alone or when they hear some loud sounds like other dogs barking or bells ringing or even loud music playing.

So don’t get irritated with their howling try to find the reason and for their howling and try to remove it if it can’t be removed then train your dog to bear that problem so that howling can be stopped.


Alaskan malamutes are like big fur balls with legs and ears. Therefore grooming is a must if you want your malamute to look great. The following are the tips for grooming.

  1. Give your dog a bath every week if you are keeping them in warm weather or monthly if you are keeping them in cold weather. Use good shampoos and conditioners that will enhance their furs like this one.
  2. Brush your dog daily so that extra fur can be shed. Check out this brush.
  3. Trim the fur in summers with trimmers read the weather section for more information.
  4. Finally, get a fur vacuum because these dogs shed a lot of furs twice a year. I have this fur vacuum for my saint bernard and I give it 5 out 5 stars. But you can also get this robotic mop + vacuum 

Do Alaskan malamutes make good pets?

Alaskan malamutes make great pets. they are compassionate and loveable. If trained well they are proven to be the best house dogs. They are athletic and fun-loving. They are calm and love towards kids and other house pets. With proper socialization, they can become calm and love other people and pets too.

Do Alaskan Malamutes make good Guard Dogs?

Although they are big in size and resemble wolves in looks people often think that they make good guard dogs. Well, the answer to that is they don’t make good guard dogs because they rarely bark and they are extremely friendly towards strangers also.

Summing Up

Alaskan malamutes are very calm and gentle in nature. But to achieve their calm and loving nature you must first have to train them according to your rules and regulations. Every dog needs to know the rules of the house where they are living. That’s what makes the house dogs different from the feral dogs.


So I hope this post will help you in taking care of your Alaskan malamutes. I have written this article with the help of the research and different opinions of owners of Alaskan malamutes.


For basic care information regarding dogs check out this article. Also, check out this video of the best dog foods to buy for your dogs.

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