11 Best Pets For Kids Other Than Dogs And Cats

11 Best Pets For Kids Other Than Dogs And Cats

In this post, I will discuss 11 best pets for kids other than dogs and cats. Well, not every person is a fan of cats and dogs. Some have allergies while others fear the responsibility that comes with cats and dogs. It does not mean that the following pets don’t come with responsibilities but every person has their choices. Although cats and dogs make the best companion for your kid, we will discuss other options too in this post.

Deciding which toy to buy for your kids is not that easy and finding a companion for your kid is even more difficult than finding a toy. A pet companion is the kind of friend with whom your kid will grow up. It will not only give your kid joy and happiness it will also make your kid learn the sense of responsibility.

When your kid learns to clean its mess and maintain its food schedule your kid’s mind will start developing different emotions like affection, taking responsibility, and discipline. To read more about pets and kids check out this article.

Now to help you in making the right decision to find a friend for your kid here is the list I assemble for you.

What are the best Pets For your Kid Other Than Cats And Dogs?

here are 11 suggestions of pets for kids other than cats and dogs.

  • Ferrets
  • Gerbils
  • Canaries
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Ducks
  • Chickens
  • Miniature Goats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rats




Ferrets make awesome pets. They are cute small and intelligent. They can be litter trained and they are easy to exercise. Ferrets are very affectionate to their owners and also ferrets with time learn to respond to their given name. They are playful and cuddly.

They are communicative and calm. They are super easy to maintain because of their small size and their sleeping habits. They sleep 15 to 16 hours daily and take a very small space of your home. You can keep ferrets in cages like this with bedding. Ferret food is super easy to get click here to check some ferret food options.



Gerbils are small animals. They look like a mouse but are a little different. They both make good rodent pets but gerbils tail and ears are different than mice. To keep a gerbil you need a gerbil cage. Check these cages. And Also with bedding, you can arrange a great home for your small friend. Gerbils are friendly and loving creatures. They rarely bite and mostly take care of themselves.

They with time learn to trust humans and allow them to lift and touch them. Gerbils are also known as desert rats therefore sunlight is very good for them. They are not smelly animals because of their size and low production of urine. They eat the same food as hamsters or mice. Check out the best gerbil foods. They are good for kids as they are low maintenance and cute rodents.




The canaries are beautiful birds. They are originated from the finch family and also known as domesticated canaries. They don’t love to get touched because they are shy and they just socialize with themselves. So that makes them a visual pet like fishes. You can enjoy their singing and look at their beautiful appearances.

Many people keep canaries because of their singing and colors. The canaries have a majority of different color breeds and have also many different shape breeds. Some canaries sing but some canaries don’t sing. So if you are looking for singing canary you will have to ask for it. You can get a big cage and keep a lot of them and hear them sing all day. Checkout canaries food.





Hamsters are cute rodents that make great pets, especially for school-aged kids because they are cute, fun-loving, and interactive. Kids love to watch them and play with them. Hamsters are low maintenance animals. The Syrian hamsters are friendliest of all the breeds.

Hamsters are intelligent to recognize their owners and even learn to respond to their names if trained well. Because of their size, they are fearful by nature but hamsters can be trained to held and cuddle. Hamsters are kept in specially created hamster cages in which they should have access to their playing toys and exercising wheel. Checkout these hamster cages. Check Out these hamster foods.




Rabbits and bunnies belong to the same family line but rabbits are larger than bunnies. In other words, small rabbits are called bunnies. Rabbits make awesome pets. They re playful and intelligent and with that they are are cute and loveable too.

Rabbits are also fearful animals so they should be trained well for best behavior. They love to cuddle and be touched if they are loved and cared for. You can keep rabbits outdoors and indoors as well but most of the rabbit owners keep them outdoors where they play and at night they get into their hutches

Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos

Not all geckos are easy to keep but leopard geckos are quiet and easy to maintain. But to suggest it is best for 8 or above aged kids. They are one of the most popular lizard pets as they quickly adjust to environments and they have an ideal size of 9 inches which is best to keep them in small cages.

They have a very calm nature if treated with compassion. Most of the time when they threatened these geckos rather than bite they try to escape. Geckos are intelligent to learn some tricks with tunnels or other small animal toys. Checkout this gecko cave. To buy gecko food click here.



They are cute and very playful. They will keep your backyard extremely entertaining. Before getting a goat there are some points to keep in mind. Like I think miniature goats are best suited for pets.

Goats are obnoxious they chew your clothes, shoes, and even your hair so you have to train them to stop. If you are gardening then you must keep them separate because obviously, they will eat your flowers. 

They need their place. It does not have to be a big place just a place where they can play and run around. Place some things on which they can jump.

The fence around their area should be five to six feet high for miniature goat.

They eat grass and hay. And water should always be available.

They can be trained to follow and listen to their name.




Ducks make a pretty good outdoor pet for your kids. Large domestic ducks can’t fly therefore they are easy to keep as pets. Like chickens, they roam around. If you are bringing ducklings there are few things to manage first for ducklings.

First of all, you have to give them a nice and safe environment. Make their box and at the bottom spread wood shavings. A heat lamp is nessacary. Pekin or white duck breed is calm and hardy. They are perfect for your kids. Ducks can make indoor pets but every expert suggests that ducks grow well and happy when they grow in the outdoor environment.





Chickens are the most common bird for pets. People keep them for eggs and meat. But aside this, they make pretty good pets too. You can keep them in your yard or your lawn they will roam around making their noises and the biggest advantage for keeping chickens in your lawn is that they will eat all the small insects from your lawn. That way your grass and plants could stay healthy.

You can start by keeping at least two pairs. And then after when they lay eggs let them hatch or eat them it is up to you. Hens lay their first eggs when they are six months old. If you let them hatch then the small chicklets will be great for your lawn as they are very cute. Chickens are by far the easiest pets to keep. They mind their own business but there are few things to keep in mind before bringing in these awesome birds.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs


Guinea pigs are great options as pets for kids. They originally belong to rodent family but they called pigs because of their voice resembling piglets. Unlike small other rodents, guinea pigs love to cuddle and allow humans they trust to touch and lift. They are super fun like hamsters they need their toys in the cage, like a wheel to run on.

They are intelligent but not as intelligent as cats and dogs as they learn to do tricks a little later than them. But surely they do learn to do some tricks and also they are capable of learning to respond to their names.



Rats make the best first pet for your kid, They don’t bite and have a slow movement that makes them ideal for the home. They are cute and affectionate to humans. After dogs and cats research shows that rats make third-best home pets. The downside is that they live only for 3 to 5 years. But that does not hold them back from giving the best 5 years of friendship to your kid.

Rats can be kept in cages for small animals. Although they have a bad reputation for dirty animals on the opposite side Rats are clean animals and they don’t even smell.

Here are my suggestions.

I have also shared care and other informative videos with every pet.

To read More about pets click here.

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