Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish

10 Amazing Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish

Before starting this 10 Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish I would like to talk about the biggest problem related to betta fish.

Look Bettas are one of the most elegant and beautiful fishes and also one of the most mistreated fishes. Some people kept them as decoration for their shops, offices, and homes. Because of their enormous availability, they are cheap and hardy fish so people think of them as decoration pieces. If one Betta dies they will buy a new one. 

That’s wrong. So, consider them a living being and treat them as such.

Therefore this post will help you and guide you in taking care of your bettas


Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish

I have talked about the atmosphere to keep bettas in my Best Pet Fishes article check it out.

Bettas are tropical fishes that’s why the best temperature for your betta fish would be 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Bettas remain happy and active in this atmosphere

What happens if you keep betta fish below 78 degrees Fahrenheit?

If the temperature gets lower betta fish starts acting lazy and starts swimming at the bottom of the tank or don’t swim at all. This happens because bettas fish don’t like cold water it affects their metabolism and it often make them sick.

Just think of an example of the human body as all human body needs a certain type of temperature to stay alive and healthy.

What happens if you keep betta fish above 82 degrees Fahrenheit?

Although bettas can live a little above temperature than recommended it’s not suggested because too hot water will obviously be uncomfortable for your bettas. So stick between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lights Adjustment 

Bettas are sensitive to light. They don’t like too much light in their tank. Therefore when you keep too much light in the tank they get nervous and tries to hide. Most of the fishes die due to nervousness and stress.

So to keep them calm and happy install the light with dimming adjustment so that you can judge where your betta remains happy. These are amazing dimming adjustment lights to suit your requirements check it out.


The best treats out there are Brine Shrimp Eggs. These treats give essential proteins that help your fish to grow strong and healthy and also they help them to freshen their colors so they look beautiful and shiny. Some other treats are 

Treats are necessary you should give them treats twice a week.


Tannins are good for some fishes especially bettas. What they do is that they lower the ph level and make water more acidic. But you have to research according to your fish whereas bettas like it. 

Also, they give water a color resembling the nature which also provides bettas a more homely atmosphere.

One other advantage of tannins is that it adds color to the water which dims the light.

Don’t Keep Them Alone

10 Amazing Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish 1

Ok here is the deal nobody wants to live alone. But what to do with bettas fish as they are aggressive and territorial they attack and kill other fishes especially their breed. 

Yup that’s correct bettas are territorial and aggressive but it does not mean that you should keep the poor fish alone. 

Many fishes make good mates with bettas because they are calm and surrendering in nature and they don’t instigate bettas.

What fishes make great tank mates with bettas?

Everyone has different experiences with their own betta fishes. Because it is not compulsory that every betta has the same nature and temperament with that being said in my research the most successful tank mates with bettas are.


Neon tetras



Just keep in mind that don’t keep bettas with other bettas or other fighting fish. Also, don’t keep them with fin nippers because they have long beautiful fins and fin nippers will tear them.


Bigger Tank Happy Fish

10 Amazing Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish 2

Ok, I know bettas can live in small tanks and bowls but the question you should ask yourselves would they be happy living in a small bowl.

My answer to this question is no. They would not be happy because they would not have enough space to move around and explore. So what I would suggest is to keep bettas in aquariums the bigger the aquarium the happy the fish.

I have got this one with this kit. And I am 100% satisfied.

Checkout these aquariums.

Aquarium decoration

To decorate the aquariums for betta fish. Try to keep these things in mind. First bettas are hardy fishes so they don’t give much importance to the decoration but still, there are few points to keep in mind. Like when you are decorating the tank leaves enough space for bettas to move around don fill up the tank with just decoration.

Second thing is that try to add live plant bettas like them.

The third thing is don’t add objects with sharp edges because it might cut your fish fins and hurt it.

And the last point is to decorate a tank in such a way that you leave space for your bettas to hide. Because when bettas get nervous they hide.

Feeding Bettas

Well, the schedule depends on every owner’s research but what I find the most suitable schedule to feed betta fish is to feed the betta fish twice a day. 

A small amount of food is good Because when you feed a small amount of food twice a day the food will not affect the digestive system of your betta fish and this way your betta fish will remain healthy and active. 

What is the best food for bettas?

Bettas are carnivores so they like food with high protein, therefore, I suggest you should feed betta fish palettes or frozen food.

Recently I have purchased fish food on an amazingly cheap price than the market from amazon check it out.


Clean Environment

Look there is a misconception going on about bettas that these fish originate from mud so that’s why they don’t need fresh water. That’s just BS. just like other fishes bettas love a clean environment. So the first thing you should do is to get filtered tanks or if you have a tank you should check these filters. Otherwise, you should change 50% of the water weekly for bettas.

Water Flow

Bettas come from calm and steady waters. They don’t like heavy flowing water. 

What happens when they are kept in heavy flowing water?

When bettas are kept in heavy flowing water they get fatigued and they don’t come at the top and bettas are top swimmers because they also take oxygen from the air.

10 Amazing Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish 3 

And also because they are slow swimmers and they have large beautiful fins heavy water flow can damage their health as well as their fins.

So it is recommended to keep bettas in slow water flow. Don’t kill the water flow just slow it down.

To slow the water flow in the tank check out these adjustable water flow for aquariums or you can use tall plants in the aquarium as decoration to steady the water flow.


Summing Up

Bettas are often called Japanese fighting fish. What that name tells us is that they are aggressive and territorial so keep in mind not to put two bettas in the same tank.

Also, the beauty of bettas is their coloring and their fins so take measures to secure them which I also discussed above.

Bettas can live along with other fishes but do the research and if your betta gets angry to any other fish separate them as quickly as possible

These tips are for first-timers. Bettas are hardy fishes and the beginner fish lovers love to start petting fishes with bettas because of their low maintenance

But it does not mean that they don’t need care at all you just buy a betta and keep it in your bowl and feed them that’s enough.

It’s not bettas lifespan is 2 to 5 years. Ever thought why this long gap in the lifespan of betta?

Because those betta fishes that grew up in a healthy environment live up to five years whereas those betta fishes that did not get properly cared died in between 2 years.

So love your betta and give it a happy and healthy five years.


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