all about feral cats

All About Feral Cats

What are feral cats?

Is it Okay to capture feral cats and give them to shelters?

Can feral cats become a pet?

How to make Feral cats friends or pets?

I will answer all these questions about feral cats in this post. I have hands-on experience with adopting feral cats as well as stray cats and have been working with cats for almost ten years. In all those years I have faced some worst situations as well as the most beautiful and unexpected moments.

Because I love this animal and I find them very cute and innocent therefore I have researched and talked to many organizations and experts before writing this article. So, let’s get started.

What is a feral cat?


A feral cat is that cat who in its entire life never gets socialized with humans. They from birth never get domesticated and never gets affection or love. Due to that they never learned to trust humans and other pets. That’s why whenever they saw any human or other pets like dogs tried to get close with them they run away. Their attack can be vicious as they are a sort of wild creatures. They are wired to survive harsh environments. But they rarely attack by themselves unless mistreated.

Feral cats attack can cause a lot of pain and maybe infection if not treated on time. Because of their living environment, they can carry parasites which can cause human diseases like rabies. But that is only when they attack you therefore everyone should take precautions.

Is it okay to capture feral cats and give them to shelters?

Although feral cats are wild they will very rarely get in your way. They tend to mind their businesses. Therefore, I will suggest leaving them and their matters alone. But sometimes feral cats could endanger humans or other pets because they are raised to be natural predators. They attack anything they thought of food or rival.

For example, you have chickens or a pet cat and nearby there is a feral cat. It is a possibility that a feral cat could attack your chickens or your pet cat. Because in chickens they will see food and in your cat, they will see their rival. In that case, you should call animal control services to capture that feral cat. Never try to capture a feral cat on your own if you don’t have the right equipment.

Can feral cats become pets?

There is some misconception that feral cats can never become pets. Feral cats can become friends and in some cases, feral cats can live in houses as pets. Although surely there will be a difference between a cat you raised as a domesticated pet and a cat raised on streets. But cats are highly intelligent and with time a feral cat will start trusting their owners.

Feral cats are born on their own it takes time to make them friendly and if they get friendly they will start living around your house. Feral cats learn to start trusting humans in some cases and live inside the house.

How to make Feral cats friends or pets?

Feral cats become pets after a process.

feral cats

Step One.

First, you give them food. Surely they will not eat them at first go but eventually, they will start eating it and after a few times they will start coming to the same place where you put food to them. After some time they will start asking you for food and start living near your house because they start trusting you that you will give them food. That will be the first step in gaining a feral cat’s trust.

Step Two.

After some time wait for the sign when they start asking you for the food. They will start getting closer to you but maintain the distance as you have not gained their full trust yet.

The second sign would be when they are meowing they will raise their back and their tail would be dead straight. I don’t know why they do it but I think that is the way of communicating.

Step Three.

After the second sign, the third sign comes after a long wait. Maybe after a month of consistency some times, it comes faster. The third sign would be after giving the food the cat would not run away it will stay there and eat that food. On that point test, one thing, walk towards the cat not near her just walk toward the cat if the cat escapes that’s okay and you will have to wait a little longer if not then she starts trusting you more.

Step Four.

The fourth step would be to sit down where you give that cat food and while she was asking for food, extend your hand let them smell you but take precaution or stay high alert there are some times when after smelling bad memories triggered in cat and they could attack. So, observe your cat if she is hissing you on the fourth step don’t attempt this step until you gain its full trust.

But mostly they smell you and show their backs that’s the way to tell you that they are now your friend.

Step Fifth.

After that when you give them food sit down with them and very slowly and gently touch their tail area. If they raise it that means they like it.

Do that practice and increase your touch eventually. After some time touch the cat without giving them food. If they let you it means you have gained their trust if don’t then keep on practicing.

Step Six.

When a cat lets you touch her then open your house for them let them take a look if they feel comfortable they will stay carry on with this process for few days and you will be surprised that the cat would return to you and sleep on your carpet.

I have done these steps and make many cats friends and pets. But there were some times where a cat doesn’t follow.or just take food and don’t progress. It is better to leave those cats on their own.

A feral cat may seem dangerous animals and many experts will not agree with me on this article but I am just sharing my experience and I used to think that if you communicate with them the right way with positive energy and let them know that you are there to help them. Then there is no way you can fail.


But like humans, not every cat is the same. There may be some cats which follow through all the process but leaves you when they got better food from somewhere else. It is in feral cat’s nature they are survivors so don’t get too attached unless they are inside your house. Just do this to help a homeless cat.


Don’t do it if you have no experience with cats.

Don’t let the feral cat near your house if you have other cat, kittens, pet dog, or chickens.

If you get attack or your animal gets attacked by a feral cat let yourself or your pet gets checked asap.

Feral Cats Misconceptions.

There are many misconceptions about feral cats. But on that, I will discuss here is that feral cats can never become pets if they are adults. That’s is true but not an accurate truth. All cats have different temperament some are angry some are just afraid. You have to deal with each cat in the same way with positivity.

And another misconception is that feral cats will attack humans. It’s wrong they will run out of fear. And if they are captured or mistreated then to get the freedom they can attack.




In my ten years working with cats, I have made friends with even large male feral cats who are vicious hissing at me and attacking me. But with time and patience cat will understand that you are a well-wisher for them.

In my time some cats stayed with me their whole life. Whereas some cats just left my house when they get bored.

One bummer in making feral cats friends or pets is they never remain inside. They love their freedom they will get out and explore their freedom. But that’s okay you have to let them go outside because they will return if they start to own you.

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