11 most affectionate cat breeds

11 Most Affectionate Cat breeds

11 Most Affectionate Cat breeds. Cats are highly intelligent animals. They are independent and curious. Cats are considered to be the most intelligent as well as clean animals. That’s why they can learn new tricks. Some experts believe that cats have an equal level of intelligence as humans.


All cats can turn out to be affectionate. There is no doubt that by the right care and training you can turn any cat to be as much affectionate as you want. But in this post, we will specifically talk about those breeds that like to cuddle and love. Every cat has its personality I am not talking about breeds even with the same breeds and the same blood two cats can have opposite personalities. If you examine two sibling cats they have the same breed and same origin but you will notice that they don’t have the same personality or nature. And that is because of their intelligence.


But these 12 cats are listed by research and by opinions of cat’s experts that these following cats love to cuddle and are considered to be the most affectionate breeds of cats.

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So without further ado, let’s get started.

12. Devon Rex

devon rex


Devon rex is similar to cornish rex. They have short curly hair and long ears similar to cornish rex. Devon rex cats are a highly intelligent cat breed. Devon rex cats are called devon rex because they are discovered in Devonshire England. They are very playful and mischievous they are often called “a monkey in a catsuit” because of their playful behavior. They take up a big space as a sofa or try to fit in the smallest box in the house. But with that, they are people-oriented cats. Devon rex loves to socialize and also loves to cuddle.

11. Cornish Rex

cornish rex

Cornish rex cats are elegant sophisticated and very playful cats. They have a long and lean body with long hairs and big eyes. Cornish rex fur is soft and curly. They have an arched back. Cornish Rex cats have an Egyptian statue but they are not from Egypt. They are the result of genetic mutation. In 1950 a farm cat gives birth to 4 kittens and one of them was cornish rex. Cornish rex cats don’t have an outer fur layer that absorbs essential oils that’s why they need weekly baths.

10. Bombay

11 Most Affectionate Cat breeds 1

Bombay cats are black cats looked like small black panthers. They are similar to Burmese cats but are longer than Burmese cats. They are born as the result of a cross between Burmese cats and American short-haired cats. Their most impressive features are considered to be their jet black fur. Bombay cats have black shiny fur with black paws. They have a short muscular body with big shiny eyes. Bombay cats are super friendly and cuddly cats. They are also considered as the clingiest cats. But that’s why we love them.

9. Sphynx

sphynx cat


Sphynx cats are known for their hairless bodies and kind of funny looking appearance. But that doesn’t stop the sphynx cat to be the great pets. Although they look funny, they are friendliest cats. They have dog-like nature they wait and greet their owners and love to cuddle with them and are very friendly towards strangers. Because they have no fur that’s why they release more body heat than other cats. Also, a weekly bath is essential for these cats because they don’t have fur so essential oils don’t absorb in their bodies.

8. Tonkinese

tonkinese cat


Next, we have Tonkinese cats. They are mixed breeds crossed between Siamese and Burmese. Tonkinese cats are intelligent and elegant as well as they are playful and mischievous too. They have a very vocal personality and are extremely curious nature. Tonkinese cats are affectionate towards their owners. They have different characteristics varying different environment, for example, they will have dark fur if they are in a cold environment.

6. Siamese

siamese cat


Siamese cats are one of the oldest domestic cats. They are kept as sacred in the 1800s. Siamese cats have two shaped called modern Siamese cats and Traditional Siamese cats.

Modern Siamese cats have a sleek body and long face whereas traditional Siamese cats have apple-shaped bodies and face. The main feature in siamese everyone loves is their shiny blu eyes. Some Siamese cats have crossed eyes which also affects their eyesight. These cats make great and loveliest family pets.

5. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat


Ann baker in 1960 developed this beautiful cat. These cats are best known for their floppiness when picked up. The level of affection towards their owners is too high that their muscles get so relaxed when picked up by owners that they go limp. They are large cats with long fur. Due to their affectionate behavior, they are also called dog-like-cats. Ragdoll cats come in four body colors but the common characteristic is their shiny blue beautiful eyes.

4. Burmese



Burmese are also called chatty catty because of their talkative nature. They are super affectionate and will follow their owner from room to room. They are also called bricks in silk bags because they are heavy. Burmese are beautiful and closely related to Siamese cats. They are also used as the foundation to breed several different cat breeds like Bombay and Tonkinese.

They have a short silky coat with a muscular body and shiny big golden or yellow eyes. The level of affection in these cats is too high that some people thought them to be clingy.

3. Birman

birman cat


These cats have sacred history and are also called the sacred cat of Burma. They are calm and docile and well-mannered cats. They are extremely beautiful breeds and due to their calm nature makes an excellent pet choice for your home and kids. These cats are born white but develop some coloring spots on the face, ears, and tail. But their paws remain white as they are wearing socks. They don’t have any genetic health problems and that makes them an easy-going pet.

2. Persian

11 Most Affectionate Cat breeds 2


These beauties are one of the oldest cat breeds dating back to the 1600s. They were smuggled from Persia in the 1700s. They have punched faces where their eyebrows to the chin are all lined up. The most common characteristic is their luxurious fur coat. They are calm and affectionate.

Due to centuries of these cats living as domesticated cats Persian cats cannot survive outdoors, that’s why it is nessacary to keep them inside. Their temperament is tolerating and respectful towards other pets and that what makes them great family pets.

1. Maine Coon

maine coon


Long haired giant and beautiful companion cat. Maine coon is the best and the most affectionate cat. They are also called the Great Dane of cats because of their size. They can grow up to one meter in length from nose to tail and have big paws. They are called Maine coon because they were developed or founded in Maine America so that’s why they are also called the American cat.

With a luxurious fur coat, they spend 60% of their time grooming that’s why it is nessacary to brush them. Maine coon makes great family pets because they are very affectionate and loveable. They also make great pets for first-timers due to their very easy going and calm temperament. They don’t have any genetic diseases but vet visits are important for every pet.



For me, any cat can become affectionate. Cats are super intelligent animals they have a brain as a grown human being so they will not trust easily but with time and compassion, they will trust gradually. In my ten years of experience with cats, I have made many feral cats pets and I know many cat owners. They have adopted feral cats that were hissing at them first but now they are cuddle buddies. So my suggestion would be to adopt a cat also.

In the end, I would suggest two things to every pet owner. first is to schedule vet visits monthly for your pets and second give your pets quality food. because there are many foods in the market that are just slow poison to your pets. To select the best cat food check out my video, (the link is given at the top) where I have assembled the best cat foods with a high customer satisfaction rate.

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