9 Outdoor Pets Pets For your Yard/Lawn. Chicken

9 Outdoor Pets Pets For your Yard/Lawn

What are Good Outdoor Pets?

Many kids ask me what are the kind of pets to keep outdoors as they have not permission to keep the pet indoors by their parents. Well for that I have done the research and came up with the following choices.

In this post, you will find the answer to the above-mentioned question.

The following mentioned pets are those which don’t get affected with the lawn environment and they rather do well outdoors than indoors. 

So, Let’s Get Started.



Chickens are the most common bird for pets. People keep them for eggs and meat. But aside this, they make pretty good pets too. You can keep them in your yard or your lawn they will roam around making their noises and the biggest advantage for keeping chickens in your lawn is that they will eat all the small insects from your lawn. That way your grass and plants could stay healthy. 

You can start by keeping at least two pairs. And then after when they lay eggs let them hatch or eat them it is up to you. Hens lay their first eggs when they are six months old. If you let them hatch then the small chicklets will be great for your lawn as they are very cute. 

You can also start selling chickens once you reach your limit. The limit depends on the size of your lawn and the number of your chickens. Don’t Overcrowd them.

Chickens are by far the easiest pets to keep. They mind their own business but there are few things to keep in mind before bringing in these awesome birds.


Making a shelter: A shelter also called hen houses or coops are available in the market you can buy them or you can make them by yourself. 

Keep Them In House Premises: Chickens are very soft animals especially hens, most of the time roosters will know how to defend themselves but hens get scared easily and become the food of the hungry predators like possums and cats.

Vesting Boxes: A vesting box is a place where chicken lay eggs. It is very nessacary because chickens always lay eggs in isolation. Here are good options for vesting boxes.

Water And Food: Chicken Food and water should be available at all times. You can place it in their shelters.

Provide Dust: Chickens love dust they play with it and flap their wings in it. It helps to kill the parasites or germs in their wings. If you don’t have access to dust in your lawn or yard place a box of dust near their coop. 


Just Like chickens, ducks make a pretty good outdoor pet. Large domestic ducks can’t fly therefore they are easy to keep as pets. Like chickens, they roam around. If you are bringing ducklings there are few things to manage first for ducklings. First of all, you have to give them a nice and safe environment. Make their box and at the bottom spread wood shavings. A heat lamp is nessacary. Few things to keep in mind.


Making a shelter: Like Hens ducks also need their private space. So make a shelter that is secure from predators. Make sure the shelter is warm and cozy.

Keep Them In House Premises: Comparing to chickens ducks are slightly larger but that does not make them stronger. They are as vulnerable as chickens so keep them inside house premises.

Water And Food: Ducks eat a variety of diets from small insects to amphibians and fishes. But 

The easiest food is duck food available in the market. Provide fresh water.

Water Pond: This is not a necessity but its good for duck’s health to provide a place to swim. You can make a duck pond in your backyard or you can place a container full of water where ducks can swim and enjoy.



goats9 Outdoor Pets Pets For your Yard/Lawn 1My third favorite outdoor pet is Goats. They are cute and very playful. They will keep your backyard extremely entertaining. Before getting a goat there are some points to keep in mind. Like I think miniature goats are best suited for pets. Goats are obnoxious they chew your clothes, shoes, and even your hair so you have to train them to stop. If you are gardening then you must keep them separate because obviously, they will eat your flowers.

They need their place. It does not have to be a big place just a place where they can play and run around. Place some things on which they can jump.

The fence around their area should be five to six feet high for miniature goat.

They eat grass and hay. And water should always be available.

They can be trained to follow and listen to their name.




9 Outdoor Pets Pets For your Yard/Lawn 2

Rabbits make pretty good pets too. To keep a rabbit you will need a hutch.

Check Out These Awesome hutches for your Rabbits

Hutch size depends on the number of rabbits you are keeping. Wood shavings and hay would be the best option for bedding. Here are some bedding ideas. Rabbits need to be protected from coyotes and dogs so keep them in house premises.  They drink from a water bottle so their water bottle should always be full. Rabbit nuggets are a great resource for diet as they contain all the essential nutrition for your rabbit.

Rabbits eat fresh vegetables like lettuce but some vegetable is not good for some breeds so research about their food according to your breed.

Keep the rabbits separate from your garden as they will destroy it. And some plants are dangerous for rabbits. So fence around your plants and let them roam around your garden.



These are my favorite outdoor pets. There are other outdoor pets options like:


  • Tortoise

Tortoise makes good outdoor pets. They eat vegetables and you have to provide them a box of their own.

  • Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs also make good outdoor pets. They will need a cage or hutch just like rabbits and they eat vegetables. You will have to research to check which vegetables are good for them.

  • Dogs

dog playing

Most of us prefer to keep dogs inside but some owners kept their dogs outside. Just provide them a hut and warm place with food and water.

  • Peacock

There is a misconception that peacock doesn’t make good pets. But it is not a hundred percent truth that depends on how you treat them. Peacocks are royal birds and not just about their looks also they have a kingly attitude too. So if you respect them and their needs they will become your best friends.

  • Stray Or feral Cats.

Yes, I know it is too obvious. But cats that are not grown indoor make great outdoor pets. The downfall of this is that if you don’t fulfill their need they will elope. If you give them enough food, place fresh and clean water, and give them a soft place to sleep they will stay at your backyard and the biggest advantage is they will keep rodents like rats away from your backyard. Learn about Feral Cats


Summing Up

All the pets I have mentioned are not for everyone. Some people like small outdoor pets like tortoise or rabbits whereas others like big outdoor pets like goats, some like chickens, and some like ducks. And some like independent outdoor pets like stray cats.

It depends on your choice but I will advise you to do thorough research before bringing any pet.

And one other thing some of the pets are illegal to be kept in some areas like farming animals like hens and goats are illegal in some areas so research and then keep your animal.


At last, I would like to advise you that if your keeping outdoor pets than take all the precautions your pet need. Because the only step which is difficult in keeping outdoor pets is their safety. You can’t hold back predators like raccoons and possums. So take every measurement nessacary according to your pet. 

For example, if you are keeping chickens then always put them in the shelter and count them and their eggs an hour before sunset.


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