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Pet Adoption

What is Pet Adoption? It is the process of taking responsibility for abandoned pets which was released to a shelter or rescue organization. Animals who can be rescued and adopted are the ones who are homeless through no fault of their own. Moving, landlord issues, lack of responsibility are some reasons why people abandon their pets. Also when a pet gets sick and the owner feels like it can be contagious, it can contribute to pet abandonment.

Pet adoption is important because there are so many innocent lives who are homeless and deprived of love and care, whom we can adopt and give a home. Adoption is an extremely responsible task, just because you have not to spend any money on buying a pet that doesn’t mean that an adopted pet can be treated with negligence. It requires the same love and attention as a bought pet.

Animal Homelessness Facts-Pet Adoption

  1. Only  1 out of every 10 dogs born is adopted.
  2. 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed because shelters are full and there is no one to adopt them. Sad!
  3. Many strays are lost pets that were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification.

Benefits of adopting :

Saving a life Through Pet Adoption

By adopting an animal you are most importantly saving a life. An animal requires care and love to survive so when an animal is adopted into your home they are blessed with a new life. They feel your love and care and start loving you to no extent. By adopting a pet you are giving an innocent animal a new life.

The animal that you adopted may have died if left on the streets. Because there are many dangers for animals in the outside world that can kill them. Many animals have a harsh past such as abandonment, cruelty from owners, etc, so the animal will build trust upon you because you have saved its life.

Saving money Through Pet Adoption

Shelters usually neuter, spay, and vaccinate the animals in their care. This ensures that you are taking home a healthy pet and also saves you money. Also adopting a pet from a shelter is much cheaper than buying from pet shops.

Good for mental health:

It is scientifically proven that having a pet elongates your life and makes you happier. Having pets reduces stress and depression. It also creates a sense of goodwill in a person that “I am saving a life and providing a pet with love and care”, this creates a sense of self-affirmation.

Stroking your pet can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels, and playing with them can increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine your body produces, making you feel calm and relaxed. Walking the pet is a way to exercise and provides sufferers of anxiety and depression with a reason to leave the house. It also creates opportunities for socializing with other dog walkers. The animal you have helped through rehoming can help you.

Eradicating pet shops and puppy mills:

Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities that earn their profit through breeding dogs. The dogs in these mills are poorly kept, they are deprived of attention that they need. The mother dogs are kept in cages for years until they are of the age of breeding. When they are old they are discarded either by killing or abandoning.

Pet shops are usually supplied with puppies from such mills. So it is really important to eradicate such trends which put profit over the welfare of animals.

It helps other animals as well:

Adopting an animal creates the room for other animals in the shelter. It prevents the overburden of shelters and also provides many animals with a second chance. Also, the cost of your adopting goes directly to the welfare of the animals in the shelter so by just adopting one animal you are benefitting many animals.

Animal Rescue and Animal Shelter:

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Animal shelters are the local pounds and can be government-owned but not all shelters are supported by tax-payers money. A shelter is a place where animals are brought by owners if they can no longer look after them or it also includes stray animals.

Animal rescue is an organization where animals are rescued from abusive homes or homeless situations. An animal rescue provides animals with temporary homes through foster animal parents who take care of animals unless they are adopted. An animal rescue can also be focused on one or two types of animals only. Some are breed and age-specific which is a good thing because this means that the people who are fostering the animals have a passion for the specific breed or age of animal the rescue is focused on. Generally speaking, animal rescues run on pure donation and goodwill of animal lovers. Government. rarely help animal rescue centers.

It is usually a personal preference whether to adopt from rescue or shelter, out of simple liking, or because of the ease in the adoption process. There is no clear answer as to which is a better shelter or rescue center but what is important is the people running the organization. Also, the condition in which animals are kept says a lot about the organization.

How to adopt an animal :

When we adopt an animal, we are committing to care and love that animal for the rest of its life- that could mean 10 to 15 years for dogs and up to  20 years for cats. There are many changes throughout our lives such as the birth of a child, new job, etc so it is important that through these changes you remain loyal to your pet and treat them like family.

Caring for a pet goes far beyond providing food, water, and shelter, it takes to research and careful planning of what type of pet to bring into your home and does your lifestyle suit your pet.

Make sure that everyone is in consent with the decision

Adopting an animal is a big responsibility which requires a huge amount of emotional and financial responsibility. It is a new addition to the family so every member should have a say in the adoption process, and also the type of pet to adopt. Divide the responsibilities beforehand so the pet is not neglected in the process of handing over the chores to each other.

Do complete research

There are so many different types and breeds of each animal. Different animals require different emotional and financial contributions. Check what kind and age of the animal can you support and care for. Young animals usually require vaccines and more attention than a few older animals. Also, check your nature of the job, how much time you can provide to you, and then choose the animal.

Puppy-proof your home.

Just as babies require home proofing the same is the case with pets. Make sure your house is suitable for your home. Get important supplies beforehand so the pet can feel at home. Supplies such as leash, toys, food, bed, or crate. Some of the products are listed below

Petsafe Nylon dog leash

Neitzke Hands-free dog leash

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Dry Cat food.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry.

Petique Bedside Lounge Dog & Cat Bed

FurHaven Faux Fleece & Chenille Soft Woven Pillow Sofa Pet Bed

FurHaven Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Pet Bed & Mat

Pets are our family; they require as much care and love as children do. So before committing to this responsibility check all the boxes of requirements so that you can provide a perfect and nourishing home for your pet. Don’t just enjoy their happy days but also keep them happy on the days when they are sick or they get old. They are the best companions humans can have.

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