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14 Basic Guideline On Taking Care of Cats

Well for me cats are the most beautiful and cute animals in the world. I have 8 cats and one dog at a time and for the past 10 years, there was not a time where I didn’t have cats. One day a kid asked me about taking care of cats as she was given a kitten by her parents. Therefore I decided to write an elaborate article on my experience and research about taking care of cats?  So without further ado let’s get started.

Now Let’s talk about Taking care of a cat

1. Provide Raw Food (BARF) And Dry food Alternatively-Taking Care Of Cats

You Must Provide Your cat quality food and Pure Water Every Day

My first topic in this article “taking care of cats” would surely be about food. There are two types of food for cats and dogs. Dry food and raw food (BARF).

Now you will ask me what is Barf? Barf means biologically-appropriate raw food. Let’s discuss why we should not rely on dry food alone. I agree dry foods are best for proteins but originally cats are related to the lion family and they have genes connected to the most dangerous predators in the world.

Therefore in my experience doing this trick of giving your cat dry food for 2 days and then one-day raw food will help your cats to live a longer and healthy life. And also your cat will never get bored with the food.

Check this video out on how to make raw food.

2.Provide Fresh Water -Taking Care Of Cats

cat water drinking

Cats are known for their cleanliness and that’s why they will not drink water that’s one day old until they are dying of thirst. But it will affect their health. Their digestion system will get affected. Sometimes due to unhygienic water cats start throwing up. Therefore it is necessary to give them fresh water daily. 

Many products are available for this task like a cat’s water fountain.

3. Keep their Bowls Clean-Taking Care Of Cats


I know many owners don’t have time to wash or clean cat bowls daily but I will suggest to always wash it every other day. Because cats have a high level of hygiene and they are dependent on us therefore they want their bowls clean before having dinner or lunch just like humans. 

Cats are animals with an attitude problem. We can call it their love or we can call it their swag. Therefore when you don’t keep their bowls clean there will come a time when they stop eating from that bowl and try to take the food to a cleaner place.

So for the sake of your home and cats keep their bowls clean.

4. Keep Them Clean-Taking Care Of Cats

Groom Your Cat and Give It Bath.

Everyone knows Cats hate water and baths But you should fight with them on this matter. Although cats are very sensitive about their hygiene. But at the end of the day, they are animals and to keep them inside close to your kids you should bath them every other week. By not giving a bath they develop a sort of germ which can cause many allergies.

Use specialized cat shampoo mixed with water and after that use a cat conditioner But never forget to moisturize your cat’s body to keep them away from dryness and itching.

Always use a cat collar until your cat gets dry because cats tend to lick themselves right after you bath them.

Always use perfectly warm water and keep your cat away from you while giving a bath if you want to stay safe from their claws and vicious scratches.


5. Keep Them Inside-Taking Care Of Cats

12 Things to Know Before getting A Cat.

Many times I have heard cases where a cat goes outside and never returns home or returned injured. It is my advice for every person who is having a cat to make sure it never goes outside a house. But if you want to take your cat out, take her out under supervision.

Some people use leashes for the cat to go out on their lawns. Also, some people take their cats on walks just like dogs.  

But never allow any cat to go even in a garage. Let me elaborate on the reason.

First of all, cats are very soft animals. They get used to the environment where they grow up but at the same time, cats are very curious too. They are always in search of new things which excites them. 

Whenever a cat leaves a house due to their curiosity they end up climbing a tree or climbing down a sewer. But she never learns how to get down from a tree and also never learns how to get out from a sewer and at the same time you don’t have a clue where your cat is. That can become a big problem.

Therefore make sure your cat remains inside or goes out under supervision.

6. Provide Litter boxes-Taking Care Of Cats


 So Once my cousin asked me the same question: How to take care of your cat? I told her that you should always keep her inside the first question she asked me then where would she poop? It’s funny, right?

So I think the same question would be popping into every reader’s mind after my previous topic.

Let me clear one thing out: cats are highly trainable animals. And everyone could train a cat easily.

The first advantage we get while training a cat is that they are highly sensitive about their hygiene. They always hide their feces. So the first trick everyone should do is to keep litter boxes at least in two corners of the house.

Well, I have kept in every room because cats roam in every room and sometimes cats are too lazy that they do their pooping work in the same room.

But most of the time the cat will know where she must go when she has to go.

7. Put Scratching posts Or Scratching Sheets At Every Corner

Scratching Posts

Scratching is in the cat’s genes whenever they feel a carpet like surface they will start scratching it. Why Do They do it?

Well nobody knows exactly why but many experts say that it is their way to mark their territory.

Every animal marks its territory, even humans. We mark our territory by living at that place the same way cats mark their territory to call that place home.

Whenever you bring a new cat and she scratches your sofa or carpet it is a sign that she is starting to own you and your home it’s a good sign.

Now to protect your sofa and carpets, place two or three scratching posts or scratching sheets at your home. Spray Catnip on them. To read about catnip checkout point number 13.


8. Spay Or Neuter Your Cats

The Most Important thing in taking care of a cat is to spay or neuter them.

Yes I agree small kittens are the cutest thing in the world but before making this decision of having kittens you should think about these points

  • Can you keep 5 or 6 cats at the same time?
  • Can you provide a good mating partner to your cat?
  • Your cat will become extremely aggressive towards you and maybe she tries to get outside the house can you control that?
  • Do you have money for surgery if your cat can’t deliver kittens naturally?
  • And if you have male can you bear the smell of his squirting all over your house And that goes to females also?
  • Your male cat will go outside if his partner will not be provided to him at times.
  • And at last, your male cat will make extremely weird noises at the time of heat check out the video below

Ok, so these are the problems a person could face in taking care of a cat if they don’t get their cat neutered or spayed.

If you can bear and overcome these problems then there is no better thing to let a cat live naturally but many times cat mates every year, therefore, it is better to keep your cat and yourself away from these problems and have them spayed or neutered.


9. Vet Visits

Vet Visits

Most of the owners think that giving your cat good food and water is enough for taking care of a cat. Well, they are wrong.

The carelessness most owners do is that they don’t schedule vet visits and try to keep their money in their pockets by doing that they are letting their animals suffer. In my opinion, this is a crime, it’s the same thing as if you are not getting your family member checked.

Find a vet who is good and responsible who is not a quake.

Let your cat get vaccinated and dewormed.

Schedule monthly visits so that your cat gets early recognition if there is some disease. Why is this important? Cats can’t speak; they will not be able to tell you what’s happening to her. But a vet can and a vet can keep her healthy as well.


10. Understand Your Cat’s Behaviour

cat angry

Sometimes it happens that your cat starts ignoring you. She is not as playful as she was. So don’t force them cats are highly sensitive and intelligent so maybe she is not feeling well or maybe she is not liking anyone at your home.

If you stay longer with your cat you will even start to understand their expressions and yes they do have expressions.

To find the reason that’s bothering your cat you should consider her environment. Maybe you should bring a new person or a new pet at home which your cat doesn’t like. Work hard to make them friends. And yes cats can understand the addition to the family. Stay calm and let the cat know that you still love her.

11. Play with Your Cats

Kids And Pets. Are Pets Good For Kids?


This is obvious but I think I should put it here. Play with your cats. Buy toys and let them know that these toys are for her. Cats love toys, they are energetic at a young age and love to fight, run, and rip everything apart.

Don’t worry a cat playing will be the most adorable thing you will ever see?

Ok Now, let’s talk about cat’s toys. There are many toys you can buy for your cat and there are some you can make at home.

Cats Home toys include a rope with a loop at its end and a flexible stick with some sounding thing at its end.

Best Cats toys are which you can buy like a  laser beam.

12. Use Catnip

 I Have never understood the connection between catnip and cats but I have used it and what I have come to know is that if you’re having a cat you should have a catnip.

What does catnip do?

Well, catnip excites your cat to a level where she starts playing energetically and after that, your cat will get tired and take a long nap. Cats love catnip. They smell it and eat it and most probably every time you will see a new side of your cat’s behavior when it will be in the influence of catnip.


13. Protect Them

Protect Your cats from other animals and humans. Place a bell in their collar or have a GPS collar Because as everyone knows cats are expensive animals and some evil humans can make a profit out of your cat where they don’t understand that cats are part of the family So keep them safe from humans as well as animals.

Most of you will not know that there are some cases where a cat got kidnapped because cats when they start trusting people they can’t differ from evil or good. They let every human touch and play with them therefore in my previous point I suggest you keep your cat inside.

After humans, cats are most probably in danger with other cats too sometimes catfights get to that vicious state where both cats get life-threatening injuries.

Once My male cat came home after a fight he had a swollen leg and was bleeding from the top of his neck like if some big cat attacked him and grabbed him from his neck.

And research shows that cats can kill each other in the fight so please protect these innocent souls. Because a domestic cat will never learn how to protect itself you must protect your cat.

14. Partner Up A Cat

For most of the cats when they grow up with a partner they always remain playful and happy. Because humans don’t have time to give to kittens, therefore they need a partner to play and have a fun time. And develop their playing muscles.

The best decision would be to adopt an older cat from a shelter and adopt a kitten. And most of the time you will see how both the cats will change each other.

Before Ending I would like to discuss Very Important Topics.

These are the points to think about before getting a cat.


Calculate Whether you can keep a cat or Not

Cats do not trust you easily but when they do they don’t trust you 98% not even 99% but they will trust you 100% completely.  That’s why they want you to do all their chores. People take this behavior as authoritative and kingly. But I think differently, I think that this is because they think you can decide better what’s best for them. 

That’s why my first advice would be to calculate before you decide to have a cat. I have seen many people get a cat just to make their kids happy and after that when the cat gets older and more expensive they abandon them. Please get a cat as you are getting a new family member. They have feelings and emotions too so please decide wisely. 

Adopt a Cat

My second advice would be not to buy a cat but to adopt. Now you will be thinking WHY? Why should I have to adopt cats?

Let me describe briefly. By adopting an animal you are most importantly saving a life. An animal requires care and love to survive so when an animal is adopted into your home they are blessed with a new life. They feel your love and care and start loving you to no extent. By adopting a pet you are giving an innocent animal a new life.

For more elaboration, you can read my article on this topic Pet Adoption.



Let’s conclude today’s article about taking care of cats by saying that cats are the joy of life. I consider them to be the most beautiful animals in the world. They love you and they understand you. There comes a time when you get annoyed from a cat because cats are stubborn animals

At that time  I advise you to keep your patience and understand what your cat is trying to say it is not necessary that every time cat speaks she will be asking for food maybe she has pain maybes her beds not right and yes most of the cats are very talkative they will talk to you at every issue so try to understand them and you will get the most beautiful friend in the entire life

 And One last thing Cats understand your anger, your annoyance and even your love for them So just give them love.

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