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10 Amazing Tricks On Taking Care Of Dogs

Let me start this Taking care of dogs topic by clarifying one thing that I was once only a cat lover I never liked dogs I used to the thought that they are clingy animals. But what happened was that once I saw a person running with a puppy I thought he stole it from somewhere I stopped him and take that puppy from him. I put brochures everywhere but got no response so at last, I decided to keep that dog. It was a saint bernard retriever mix which I found out after two months. But from that day on I have loved that beast and I will always love her.

So My main point discussing this matter is that many people think dogs as clingy animals and many people think dogs a dangerous animal but I can assure you one thing that dog neither is dangerous nor clingy but dogs are beautiful they love you more than anything.

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Ok Now Let me discuss taking care of your dogs. My friends and many relatives are dog lovers. Before writing this article I talked to them and researched this topic thoroughly. And I have divided all that research into 10 essential points so without any further ado lets get started.


1. Provide Clean Living Environment

taking care of dogs

Many dog owners don’t keep dogs inside their house. They think that dogs spread diseases. But at the same time they keep the dog outside in cold or hot weather they just keep the dog for show off. Please don’t do that. These cute animals never protest on anything because their level of love and trust re out of this world so I am recommending to you guys if you are keeping a dog please provide them a clean and warm living environment.

That does not mean it is nessacary to keep dogs inside if you prefer to keep them outside it’s your choice but make a hut or small room where they can sleep and keep themselves warm. But I advise you to keep them inside in cold areas where the temperature goes below -1 degree Celcius. Which brings my second point about taking care of dogs.


2. Dogs Get Affected By Weather

Some dogs have a large coat of fur whereas some dogs have small coats of fur. The dog breeds which can bear cold weather are

winter dogs

  1. Siberian Huskies
  2. Saint Bernard
  3. Alaskan Malamutes
  4. Newfoundland Dog
  5. Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs can bear cold weather but anything above 20 degrees Celcius is very difficult for them. They start shredding and panting a lot. Therefore before keeping a dog analyze the weather of your area. If you live in a city where the weather remains hot and humid most of the time in a year then you should consider these dogs.

5 summer dogs

summer dog

  1. Golden retriever
  2. Labrador
  3. American Spaniel
  4. Great Dane
  5. Border Collie

For more about hot-weather dogs read this article.

3. Understanding Big Dogs Vs Small Dogs

Irish Wolfhound big dog and small dog


It is nessacary to understand your dog’s behavior, not every dog is the same even each dog whether it’s of the same breed and size can have different behaviors. But let’s discuss this topic for now. 

As the research shows that small dogs are difficult to keep as they are difficult to train then big dogs. They are more territorial and they are noisier. Some small dogs are very hyperactive and very authoritative. Whereas large dogs most of the time are quiet and peaceful they are more on the lazy side. They play but get tired early. So decide wisely before having a dog because some people love big dogs whereas some keep small dogs. It’s Up to you.


4. Combine Raw and Dry Foods

When you think about taking care of dogs or how to take care of dogs. The first thing that pops up in each mind is food. What should be a dog’s diet? So let’s discuss it here.

Some doctors believe that dry food is not a good diet for dogs and some believe opposite there has not been a consensus between them on this topic. But let me describe my experience with you people. 

My Dog is a saint-bernard and retriever mix and she is female I have fed her fruits, vegetables, meat, and dry food too she is now 10 years old and she is healthy and playful still. I think the reason is that I did not raise her with the same diet. I mixed things up that way my dog never gets tired of food but with that, she remains healthy and playful.

My advice would be to mix things up someday give them dry dog food other days give them raw food, give them treats and fruits. Big dogs love fruit like my dog loves watermelon and oranges.

Here is a list of Ten best Dry Dog Foods.


5. Vet Visits

vet visit puppy

Vet visits monthly are the most important step in taking care of dogs or any animal you keep it’s your responsibility to get your animal checked monthly. Dogs are very cute and bearing animals they will not tell you what is going on with them until they are in extreme pain.

And in extreme pain also they will not bark or anything they will whimper with pain so it is nessacary to have monthly vet visits. Taking care of dogs is not easy task dogs are a very big responsibility. Most of the dogs don’t know the difference between right and wrong. In my research, I have seen cases where dogs had eaten some bizarre things. Like my friend has a big labrador and once during a playtime his dog in an extreme excitement accidentally swallowed a small plastic ball which was removed through surgery.

So you never know what your dog picked up from a lawn and swallowed it. Therefore you must schedule vet visits monthly.


6.Develop A Relationship

6 Things To Know Before Having A Dog. Essentials Of Dogs.

Develop a relationship with your dog. Dogs are very sensitive animals they don’t show it visibly but when you start to understand your dog you will understand their emotions. Sit with them talk to them share your issues and I can assure your dog will be the best listener. 

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. But after my experience, I think this is 100% true. Have you ever thought that why is it whenever you cry if you have a dog it will come to you why is it that if you start ignoring your dog while sitting next to him he will ask for your attention by placing its paw on your lap? And why is it that your dog understands your emotion even before you tell him to whether to go for a walk or to play he will understand your intentions and show to you that he is feeling the same emotions.

That’s what you call a best friend. That’s why make your dog your friend and develop a beautiful relationship.


7.Frequent Walk And Exercise

dog walk

Make a schedule for your dog’s walk or exercise. Not every dog is made for running or exercising. Huge Dogs like saint-bernard and Bernese mountain dogs have less stamina, therefore, the expert says when your dog passes the age of 7 you should take your dog to walk more frequently because older dogs will less likely to play more than 10 to 15 minutes so by taking your dog to walk you are making him exercise and that can make your dog live longer.


8.Train Your Dog

dog treats

Train your dog small tricks like fetching, sitting, and most important of them all listening to you. Dogs are pack animals they want their alpha. If you don’t give them the same energy as alpha then your dog might think that he is the alpha after that he will not listen to you a bit. So from start to become an alpha tell your dog that he is not superior you are. And by training your dog to do small tricks can help you to achieve that goal of becoming your dog’s pack leader.

Check out this guy’s website and youtube for awesome tricks to train your dog.

Cesar Millan

Also, this guy’s method is cool too.


9.Spay Or Neuter Your Dog 

First of all spay or neuter your dogs. Your dogs are pets that mean they are part of the family. But when your dog breeds your family will extend from 1 dog to almost 5 to 6 dogs. Now if you have families who are willing to adopt dogs from you or you are planning yourself to keeping 6 or 7 seven dogs at a time and also you are fully confident that you can fulfill every need. Then I suggest you go for it to have puppies and enjoy them. But if you have any doubt Then please consider spaying or neutering your dog.



10. Keep Them Clean

10 Amazing Tricks On Taking Care Of Dogs 1

You must bath your dog every week. Because opposite to cats dogs is considered to be a not clean animal. They start to smell after two weeks if not given a bath. Because research shows that dogs are sweaty animals they sweat a lot, unlike cats. Cats do not sweat therefore they don’t have their body odor. But dogs have very pinching body smell so it is nessaccary to give your dog warm bath every week with essential shampoos and conditioners and also don’t forget to dry them or they will leave their spots everywhere.

Before Ending I would like to discuss Very Important Topics.

These are the points to think about before getting a Dog.


Calculate Whether you can keep a Dog or Not

That’s why my first advice would be to calculate before you decide to have a dog. I have seen many people they get a dog just to make their kids happy and after that when the dog gets older, louder, and expensive they abandon them. Please get a dog as you are getting a new family member. They have feelings and emotions too so please decide wisely.

Adopt a Dog

My second advice would be not to buy a Dog but to adopt.

By adopting an animal you are most importantly saving a life. An animal requires care and love to survive so when an animal is adopted into your home they are blessed with a new life. They feel your love and care and start loving you to no extent. By adopting a pet you are giving an innocent animal a new life.

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