12 Things to Know Before getting A Cat.

12 Things to Know Before Getting A Cat. Keeping Your Cats Happy Indoors

12 Things to Know Before Getting A Cat. Essentials Of Cats

How To Keeping Your Cats Happy Indoors?

Cats are really beautiful animals. They make great and fun-loving pets. But there are some points you must know before bringing a new cat home. And especially when you are a complete beginner and never had a cat before you must read this article.


This article is written after thorough research. And I have 10 years of experience with Cats and pet more than 20 cats including domestic as well as feral cats.


In this article, I will share tips and tricks with nessacary products that I used personally and made my life easy. 

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So, let’s Get Started.

You Must Provide Your cat quality food and Pure Water Every Day

You Must Provide Your cat quality food and Pure Water Every Day

Well, This is kind of obvious but the reason for putting this topic here is that there are many cat foods available in the market. Where some cat foods build your cat’s health some cat foods slowly demote your cat’s health.

That’ why you must select the right cat food for your cat. Below is a list of my favorite cat foods which I have used and found out to be amazing. And also check out this video to select the best cat food for your cat.

For water, I suggest using water fountains. But you can have simple cat bowls as well. The important thing is that your cat should have access to clean and fresh water at all times.

Clean And Cozy Living Space

Clean And Cozy Living Space

Cats are animals with high sensitivity to hygiene. They like to live in clean environments. Even when they are giving birth and if you don’t provide a satisfactory environment they try to delay the birth. This shows that they are too concern about their hygiene. Therefore, I always use small cat huts like this or choose yourself from these options.

12 Things to Know Before Getting A Cat. Keeping Your Cats Happy Indoors 112 Things to Know Before Getting A Cat. Keeping Your Cats Happy Indoors 2You can place a soft bed inside these houses to make them warm and cozy.

The small tip is if your cat is attached to you or any other person in the house then place that person cloth in the cat’s house. I don’t know if this is gonna work but it works for me every time I place my cloth inside cat house my cat will sleep in their huts more comfortably

My theory about this is that they smell that person from that cloth and feel more secured and comfortable while sleeping.

You can also use These Electric warm cozy beds for Indoor.

Vet Visits

Vet Visits

Vet visits are important. Develop a practice of taking your cat to vets monthly or after one month. This way if your cat gets some disease you will be able to get it examined with the help of your vet in time.

And there is one other important point that you don’t understand your cat’s language. And it can not make you understand its language that’s why a cat can not tell what is happening with its body. If a cat got any pain or it has a fever you would not be able to find out. But your vet can find out what is a problem with your cat if there is any.

So that’s why vet visits should be your monthly priority.

Spay Or Neuter Your cat

By spaying Or Neutering Your cats you are not just saving one or two lives but you are saving five to six lives. Because when your cat breeds it will give birth to 5 to six new kittens which you can not handle or pet and in this process, these cats will become feral and start living on streets and eating out of the garbage. And eventually, they will die. Either killed with a disease or by some other animal. And if a cat survives these two issues then it is more likely wind up in shelters where very few people take chance on feral cats and adopt them so shelter will not have a choice but to kill them.

That is the most simple and accurate reason I can give to point out the importance of spaying and neutering.

Don’t Cut Your Cats Claws.

Don’t Cut Your Cats Claws.

Claws are a really important tool in the cat’s defense arsenal. Not only they use it to defend themselves but also they use their claws to climb. Cat claws are the shape of a hook. They use them to hang on to high places and they use their sharpness to climb up a tree. 

By declawing them you are not only taking away their fighting tool but also their escape tool.

Scratching Posts

Scratching Posts

If you don’t want your cat to destroy your new rug or sofa then use scratching posts. Cats scratch to keep their claws clean and to keep their claws muscle active and healthy. Also, some experts say that when cats scratch they release their tension and get relaxed. But you cannot stop a cat from scratching, therefore, it is best practice to give them a place where they can scratch.

Keep Your Cats Indoors

Keep Your Cats Indoors

I have discussed this topic in my previous Taking Care Of Cats article too. Cats are curious animal they are always trying to find new ways to entertain themselves. But cats are weak animals especially when the cat is grown in a domestic environment. In that case, always keep your cat indoors. Don’t let it get out of the house alone. You never know where your cat goes what it will do. 


Take Your Cat For Walk

Take Your Cat For Walk

Yup, You read it right. With more and more cat lovers out there the more and more concern taking place of cats increasing curiosity. Therefore experts suggest nowadays that you should take a cat to walk daily on a leash and have them check out the outer atmosphere.

There are many cat leashes available in the market but I suggest get an activity tracker collar and it will make the control over your cat easy.

Groom Your Cat and bath It.

Groom Your Cat and Give It Bath.

Cats do not like baths at all. But Baths are nessacary. You don’t have to give a bath to a cat too often. Because of their fastidiousness, you just have to bath them every three weeks or monthly. But brushing is important.

Brush your cat every second day. It will not just groom your cat but it will secure your home and furniture too which I will discuss in the next topic. But cats shred a lot, especially in warm weather. Therefore by brushing your cat, you will get the excessive cat hair. And it will also keep your cat fur and skin healthy.


Keep Your Furniture and Home Safe.

According to me, there are some points which are nessacary in owning a cat and then there are some optional points. But it will surely make your life easy if you do that. And this is an optional point but it will help you to remove excessive cat hair.

Get yourself fur catching roller or get a pet vacuum. I will suggest you for vacuum. I have used it and it vanishes all the hair from your sofa bed and carpet.


Provide Litter Boxes.

Litter boxes are important because when you are keeping your cat inside you don’t want them to make a mess. Therefore provide litter boxes. I will recommend at least two litter boxes at two main corners where your cat stays the most. But it depends on you if you can train your cat to one litter box then that’s good enough.

Check out litter boxes and litter sand.

Understand Your Cat’s Temperament.

cat angry

Every cat has a different attitude and temperament. Some cats are too loveable whereas some cats don’t like too much cuddling. Therefore don’t make your cat uncomfortable.

Cats are extremely moody animals. When they don’t get a comfortable environment they start to get upset. They become cranky and most of the time it happens that either cat tries to leave the house or it affects its health.

Therefore keep your cat in a comfortable environment.


These things are really important to cats’ life. But with these things, you must provide your cat with a quality lifestyle. That can only happen if you consider your pet as your family member, not just another toy or accessory. Cats have a weird ability to sense emotion. They can spot the person in your family who loves cat the most and who despise it the most. So please before bringing in a new cat get your whole family on board and provide your cat a loving home. 


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