6 Things To Know Before Having A Dog. Essentials Of Dogs.

6 Things To Know Before Having A Dog. Essentials Of Dogs.

Essentials Of Dogs Things to know before having a dog. So you are having a new puppy or dog but don’t have a clue about their care or their needs. Well in this post I will discuss essential dog needs other than food and water that are equally important and also share with you people required products that every dog owner should have to fulfill their dog’s needs.

These products will not just help you but it will help your dog to stay healthy and happy. 

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So let’s get started.

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Weekly Bathing Your Dog

dog bath


For Dogs, a weekly bath is very important. I will suggest giving a bath every fourth day but I know most of you are busy therefore take a timeout one day in a week for your dog’s bath.


Bathing your dog is not that difficult. Damp dog’s fur with warm water. Use a water container or check out this awesome water shower that makes my life easy and also it gives a deep bath inside your dog’s fur.

Before using a shampoo consider your dog’s skin and fur’s health. If your dog is itching or has some other problem with skin or fur then use medicated shampoos like these

If your dog’s skin and fur are fine then use normal shampoos like these.

Always use dog conditioners it will keep your dog’s fur and skin smooth.

And just giving a bath is not enough with bath comes other hygiene too which I will discuss in the following topics.

Give Them Treats

dog treats


Treats are important. They provide nessaccary nutrients, and your dog will love the treats. But make a special occasion to give your dog treats. Like when you are teaching it to do some tricks place treats in your hand and then when your dog achieves its trick give it a treat. Your dog will love it. Also, dogs have great smelling sense so you must hide the treats out of your dog’s reach to prevent them from eating treats behind your back.

Here are my favorite treats for dogs.

  1. Good ‘N’ Fun Triple Flavor Twist Chews for Dogs
  2. Milk-Bone Marosnacks Dog Snacks
  3. Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats
  4. Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats
  5. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats
  6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Biscuits Crunchy Dog Treats

Cutting Or Trimming Dog’s Nails.

dog nail


Dogs nails are dangerous they don’t look that sharp but they can carry germs and they can scratch a person with sensitive skin. Your dog will not intentionally hurt you but while playing or getting excited their nails can scratch you. 

Another important point is that if a dog’s nail grows more than usual.  That can become uncomfortable for your dog. Therefore, I suggest you cut your dog’s nails monthly. For that check out dogs nail clipper like this one.

If you are new then use electric nail grinders like these. You just have to put your dog nail in it and it will gently grind it.


Stay alert while clipping your dog’s nail, don’t cut too much because it will hurt your dog and will start bleeding.

How much to clip or cut a dog’s nails?

There is a pink area in your dog’s nail spot that just cut a little above that area don’t cut that area or below that area, because that will hurt your dog. If you cant locate that pink area just grind or cut the pointy tip and make it straight.

Giving Them Their Personal Space

dog house


Every living thing needs its personal space. Just take humans as an example. Every person needs their room where he/she can sleep, keep his/her’s stuff, and makes his/her’s mess. In the same way, your dog needs its room where it can sleep and make a mess. That’s why you must provide your dog, its corner.

For this purpose, you can build your dog a hut or you can check out the dog house.

If you are keeping your dog inside your house then big cages like this one or this one might be helpful or you can separate their corner from the rest of the house by placing pet pens.

Nessacary Walks

dog walk


Take your dog for a walk daily for at least half an hour. Change your route after every week slightly so that your dog and yourself don’t get bored with the same route every day. Somedays take small walks while other days take long walks. Run with your dog occasionally that way it will become a playful thing and you and your dog will both enjoy it. Keep some treats in your pockets. If your dog obeys your command during walk give it a treat that way your dog will understand that by listening to you it will get a treat.

If you are new and you have an energetic dog than you must have a Retractable dog leash.

Otherwise, you can have a simple dog leash.

Giving Them Time and Playing With Them

dog playing


This is the most important step in keeping the dog. Your dog needs your time and attention. Therefore, You must take time out daily for your dog to sit with them, talk to them, and play with them. 

Playing with your dog builds your relationship with the dog stronger. You can try playing fetch with your dog.


These are the nessacary steps every dog owner should follow.

By bathing, you are keeping your dog healthy and clean form outside.

Giving them nutritionist treats you are fulfilling two purposes you are teaching your dog to obey and you are building its health from the inside.

By taking your dog to walk you are building your bond stronger with your dog and second you are building your dog’s health. Also by daily walk, your dog stays happy.

Personal space is important it will not only give your dog confidence but also keep the rest of the house clean.

Giving them time and playing with them give your dog the ability to communicate with you. They wag their tail during playing. Sometimes they give you the frisbee or ball and sometimes they want you to chase them and take the frisbee and ball. It’s like you want them, come get them kind of situation.

Dogs are kind of friends every person should have. They love you and stay loyal to you. They think of you their whole world. If you go out they wait for you and when you get back you get the welcome back like no one ever could give you. So, respect them and love them.

Fulfill their needs. Give them a happy and healthy life. 

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