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5 Wild Animals As Pets

There are two types of animals, domesticated animals, and wild animals. But nowadays trends are changing. Humans are evolving. They don’t want old pets like cats and dogs they are going for more exotic pets like tigers, lions, bears, and other wild animals. In some countries or states keeping an exotic animal as a pet is illegal. Still, many wild animals are living as pets. But on the opposite side, some families paid a big price for keeping wild animals as pets. So let’s discuss animals that are changing their origin by shifting themselves from wild to pet.

I will describe the animal’s information, size, and diet.




Everyone knows about tigers. They are big wild cats. Some consider the tiger more cunning and dangerous than the lions. But the latest survey shows that there are more captive or pet tigers than in the wild. Tigers are not domestic cats they are apex predators. Their habits in the wild include preying, climbing trees, and scratching.


Tigers are big cats. They can grow in length (6.56ft to 12.8ft). Males are larger than females.


They eat around 150kg of meat per month.

Do Tigers make good pets?

The answer to this question is No. Tigers are wild animals and they are dangerous. Tigers can attack when they get frustrated, angry, or hungry. Their attack is lethal. Tiger’s bite is twice stronger than the lion. It has 1050psi of force and with that force, a tiger can even rip a human’s leg off. Tigers are trainable but you cant turn his genes. To attack while angry or hungry is in the tiger’s genes.


Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs


Prairie dogs are kind of ground squirrels. They live in burrows. Prairie Dogs are small but they are tough due to their wild origin they are fast great fighters with sharp claws and strong bite.

They live in a group like families consisting of two males several females and pups.

Due to their social behaviors, humans start to keep them as pets. Petting prairie dogs start in 2003 during pet trade. 


Prairie dogs are cute they are small in size ranging from 28cm to 34cm and can weigh 800g to 1.1kg.


They are herbivores. Their diet consists of grass and herbs and sometimes small insects.

 Do Prairie Dogs make good pets?

Yes and No.

Yes because, Due to their social behavior, they are friendly and intelligent. They think of their humans as their group or family members. They listen and respond to their names.

No, because every year they go through hormonal changes during which they can become aggressive and defensive. Because of their strong claws and teeth, they can hurt their owners.



Tarantulas are big spiders with hair on its back. They are very creepy looking species. Tarantulas are venomous but some tarantulas are less venomous. They are very popular as pets as well as scariest animals. Their lifespan is 15 years. Most of the kids keep tarantulas just to make a hobby or to show off.


Due to different species of tarantulas exist their size varies. But the size of tarantula can range 4.5 to 11 inches. From back leg to the front leg.


Tarantulas eat small insects like grasshoppers or small spiders. They tend to eat anything of their size which moves in front of them.

Do Tarantulas make good pets?

Tarantulas are of different kinds. The less Venomous tarantulas can make a good pet. But for only those people who are 100% confident of handling spiders because tarantulas bite those who scare or mishandle them.





Raccoons are small-sized dog-like animals. They also have a habit of eating by hand they are cute but dangerous. Raccoons are wild animals. They are found in America Europe and Japan. Raccoons home called dens. They are holes in trees or any compact man-made place. Raccoons can fall down 30 to 40 feet without injuring themselves. Research shows that raccoons are clean animals but their bite or attack can cause rabies. In wild raccoons, lifespan is 2 to 3 years but in captivity, their lifespan can increase up to 20 years.


Raccoons can grow up to 23 to 37 inches and can weigh up to 4 to 23lbs. Their size is comparable to small dogs.


Raccoons can eat anything vegetables, fruits, and also meat. 

Do Raccoons make good pets?

Raccoons are very difficult to train. Their wild genes are too strong therefore to keep a raccoon pet a person should be highly qualified. They can become dangerous to every new pet as well as a new person. They are very defensive. And their attack can cause serious injuries.


python snake

5 Wild Animals As Pets 1

Well, this point is obvious snakes can never be home pets. But that’s my opinion lets discuss facts. Burmese pythons are most likely to be a home pet. They are big and beautiful. Pythons considered the largest snake breeds. They come in few breeds which can kill humans but very few reports have emerged. Their preying style consists of choking and biting. They have a powerful choke that can stop your breath in a few minutes. Their lifespan is 20 to 25 years.


They can grow up to 23ft or in length and can weigh 200lb. 


Python’s diet depends on its size. Small pythons small animals like mice and lizards while big pythons eat big mammals like monkeys and antelope.

Do Pythons make good pets?

Pythons are considered dangerous reptiles. They are nonvenomous but their choking and bite power is very high and on top of that they are an aggressive snake. But some people keep them as pets but to keep them as pets a person should be highly trained and have all the facilities available to keep a snake.



Here are the animals that I find it weird to keep as pets. They are wild animals it’s in their DNA. No matter how much you train them they will show their wilderness once in a while. Many wild animals are kept as pets but many attacks from wild animals as pets have been reported by the five animals. No matter the attack is small or big it is the sign that these animals need a wild atmosphere.

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